Using cover photos on Spark

When I’m writing a great new piece of content or building out a page I typically want a really nice background image in my title section to make my content pop. There a ton of free stock photo resources out there like Unsplash or Icons8 that have amazing photography for use but the issue is that the photography usually doesn’t work well as a background image. You end up getting something that looks like this:

Because of this I often find myself opening photos into photoshop, adding a color overlay and then tinkering with the transparency until it’s just right. Then from there I’d upload it to Spark. This is a lot of unnecessary work.

The solution: automated cover photos
To solve this problem, we now all users to upload a background image and then easily set a color overlay with a transparency slider to make your background cover photos look beautiful. Here is a gif we created showing you how to do this in about five seconds.