UGC in Content Marketing

Something I’ve been encouraging and lot more brands to do, both B2C and B2B, has been to look at ways to work UGC into their marketing strategy. For years people have been putting together these high fidelity marketing videos, whiteboard illustrations, or animations explaining their product. With the boom of influencer marketing and vlogging, I think it’s more effective than ever to whip out a smart phone and start recording. I’m curious if others have tried this and what the results have been. If you haven’t tried it, here are a few ideas on my list of things to test out.

  • Find low cost influencers in your space, pay them to create content, make sure you have usage rights to the content, and then share and amplify on your own social channels.

  • Interview your employees about your space to get hot takes on trends and ideas that your customers may be interested or benefit from.

  • Skype interview customers. Position them as experts and post the interview online. I saw Drift doing this. Even though it was low fidelity web cam recording people seemed to enjoy it. It’s also a great way to make a customer feel special and appreciated, as well as keep the lines of communication open between your customers.

I think all three of these are good, but the first one to me seems like it would work the best because you’re essentially scaling influencer marketing cheaply and in a very targeted way. Curious to hear other ideas or learnings from what people have tried.