Spark analytics 1.0

On Sunday we released the first version of customer analytics. When you logged into your Spark account you hopefully saw something beautiful looking like this…

From day one Spark has integrated with Google analytics. GA is a powerful tool and our goal is not to ever replicate what they’ve built. Instead, we want to focus on helping marketers quickly understand how well things are going. To start, you’ll see that we’ve bucketed analytics by section type to see where traffic is coming from. You can also quickly jump between the past week, month, or quarter and segment between page views and user sessions. Additionally, each of your pages tells you how many views they’ve accumulated to date (all time), allowing you to quickly see which content is moving the needle for you business.

This is just the beginning. Our vision is to continue to add useful, contextual analytics that make it easy to understand where your customers are hanging out.

We also want to know from Spark users which analytics and KPIs matter most. Drop a reply on this thread to let us know what you’d like to see.