Namecheap DNS does not support ALIAS records

We recently had a customer who was trying to use Namecheap’s Basic DNS for hosting. They pointed their site to Spark and everything worked as intended, but the naked URL redirect to www would not work because it turns out that NameCheap does not support ALIAS A records.

Goal: should redirect to


The problem is that CNAME records are not for redirecting, so Namecheap’s response her is unhelpful at best.

The Solution:
If you want to buy domains on Namecheap that is totally find. You can save a few bucks and they have some pretty interesting TLDs. However, you should use an external DNS provider like Amazon’s Route53. It’s free and much more robust in terms of what you can do. Alternatively, GoDaddy supports ALIAS records along with many other registrars.